What is a gold carpet?

What is a gold carpet?

Date: 2022-03-16
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Due to the daily progress of the machine carpet industry, the market of this product is changing and evolving every day to attract customers and their tastes.

Carpet designers have also tried to help the prosperity of this market by using the tools of updating and recognizing the needs of the market day, and gilded carpet is one of their new and beautiful creations.

Gold carpet; Carpets are said to have golden flowers and more in silver, smoky, charcoal, Nescafe and cream backgrounds. In this type of color palette, an attempt has been made to select the color used in the carpet field in such a way that it gives a good effect to the golden color used in the woven carpet design.

The harmony of the color used in a carpet has a great effect on the better and more beautiful effect of the carpet design, and the goldsmith carpet, by using a special color combination, has mainly tried to show the golden color in his design.

The golden color causes the first unconscious reaction of the mind to the gold jewelry and it is thought that the carpet is woven with gold and the name of the goldsmith used in this category can be related to the color combination of these carpets and not to the raw materials used. In this product!

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