Knitting unit

Date: 2022-01-25
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The second and perhaps most important step in the chain of carpet production is knitting. At this stage, the carpet is woven using different technologies. In general, the carpet weaving system is the same as the fabric weave, except that it is woven with two blur systems. In fact, in a knitting machine, two carpets are woven at the same time, one is called the top carpet and the other is called the bottom carpet.

This weaving system is also known as face to face weaving. In fact, the two fabrics are woven in parallel, and the sleeping yarns are placed between the two surfaces. It is then cut in half by a reciprocating blade and the two carpets up and down are separated. Of course, the system described actually shows the general process of carpet weaving, but the different machines developed by carpet weaving companies make different possibilities in carpet weaving available to manufacturers.

Carpet weaving machines are mainly produced by two famous companies VANDEWIELE (Belgium) or Schönherr (Germany) and are available in different models. These companies can produce carpets with cut pile or loop pile or with three weaving systems (rapier). Each of these features is designed in different models of these companies. Some of the models manufactured by Wendville include CRX, CPX, HRX, UCL, HCPX, and CRP.