Spinning unit

Date: 2022-01-25
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In the spinning stage, the yarn used for weaving the carpet is prepared. The yarns used in machine-made carpets consist of three parts:

1) Sleeping yarns, which are usually made of acrylic or polyester or polypropylene

2) Weft yarn, which is usually made of jute

3) Yarn, which is usually made of cotton or polyester

What determines the type of carpet is the type of yarn. Acrylic yarn production technology and the preparation required to prepare it are different from the preparation required to use polyester yarn.

Acrylic yarns are prepared with a short fiber spinning system, then dyed and heated using appropriate dyes and then sent to the weaving department. But polyester yarns are made by spinning and are used in two forms: dupe-dyed or dyed. Machine-made carpet companies can have a spinning stage or buy yarn ready-made.

After preparing the yarn, in the pre-knitting stage, the yarns of the large spools are wrapped on the smaller spools and placed on the shelf of the carpet weaving machine according to the design of the carpet.